Otrivine Natural with Eucalyptus Nasal Spray

An effective alternative to our medicated range of nasal sprays that can be used on a regular basis.

Otrivine Natural with Eucalyptus Nasal Spray

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How it works

The concentration of salt in the sea water helps to reduce swelling by drawing excess mucus away.

How to use

For children over 6 years of age and adults: One spray in each nostril up to 6 times daily.

  1. Blow your nose.
  2. Shake the bottle before use.
  3. Remove the protective cap of the spray.
  4. Before using for the first time, prime the pump by performing a few pumping motions until an even spray is released into the air. Be careful not to spray in the eyes or mouth.
  5. Hold the bottle upright with thumb under base and nozzle between two fingers.
  6. Lean the head forward slightly and insert the nozzle into the nostril.
  7. Spray while breathing and breathe in gently through the nose.
  8. Repeat in the other nostril.
  9. Allow the product to act for a few minutes. Do not blow the nose during this time, but wipe it if necessary.
  10. Then, blow the nose if needed.

After each use, wash the nozzle with hot water, dry it and put the protective cap back on. To avoid possible spread of infection, only one person should use each bottle.

Always read the label.